We wish to inform you that our shop yit foh restaurant sdn bhd will be close from 18 January 2023(Wednesday ) till 26 January  2023(Thursday ) for the festival of Chinese New Year 2023. We will resume our business on 27 January 2023(Friday).

We would appreciate your support and wish you all have a prosperous new year, “ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023!!! ”

我们益和云吞面总店在此通知将在来临的华人新年从1月18号(星期三,年二十七)开始休息至1月26号(星期四,正月初五),我们会在1月27号 (星期五,正月初六)开始营业。


Dear valued customers,
在此通知各界益和nusa sentral 已经在2019年12月1日起和我公司终止合约,他们不再是益和的专卖店.We will like to inform all our customer about we already terminate the licensing agreement with yit foh nusa sentral since 1 of december 2019.they are no longer belong to yit foh.

Starting from 1-10-2018, we would use Paper Bowl, Paper Lunch Box and paper sachel bag for packaging take away food, we no longer using plastic to packaging take away food. Each of the paper bowl and paper lunch box will be charged RM0.50. Thank you for your supporting Yit Foh Noodle and sorry for any inconvenience.

从1-10-2018起,益和云吞面将会采用纸碗和纸盒以取代塑料袋来盛装外带食物,每个纸碗和纸盒将收费RM 0.50 .感谢大家对益和云吞面的支持,如有不便之处,敬请见谅
 Our traditional wonton noodles are only spicy, not spicy and noodle soup.  We don't want to destroy the taste of traditional food, we hope that everyone can understand.  Thank you.