我们益和云吞面将在这行动管制令(1/4-14/4)期间做一点促销,凡在我们益和专卖店(除了Impian Emas 档口)消费RM30以上(香烟除外)我们将赠送一瓶黄师傅草药茶送给顾客, 以感谢顾客们在这段防疫时期仍然对本店的支持和把这排毒消炎的健康草药茶送给大家。送完为止
至于foodpanda Restoran Yit Foh(除了Impian Emas n0cb) 消费RM50上的顾客,我们也是会回馈给顾客黄师傅的排毒消炎的健康草药茶 以示感激顾客们的支持和健康的度过疫情。

To show appreciation to our customer support during this critical time, in the period of Movement Control Order (MCO) (1/4-14/4), 
Yit Foh wantan noodle outlet (except Impian Emas stall) give free 1 bottle of MASTER WONG HERBAL TEA for customer who purchases RM30 and above(cigarette excepted).
For customer who order our food in foodpanda Restoran Yit Foh (Impian Emas n0cb excepted), free 1 bottle of MASTER WONG HERBAL TEA would be given to those who spend RM50 and above. While stock last.

Drink for healthy life and enjoy life to the fullest.

1/4-14/4 天天营业的益和云吞面专卖店如下:
Yit Foh wantan noodle outlet will cancel rest day under this Movement Control Order, we will prepare the delicious wantan for all the customer. Outlet which will open daily as below:

Restoran Yit Foh Taman Century (世纪花园)7am-4pm
Restoran Yit Foh Taman Daya (福林园) 7am-7pm
Restoran Yit Foh Bandar Uda Utama 8am-4pm
减少外出, 勤洗手,多喝水。
Stay at home, wash hand, drink more water.

Dear valued customers,
Yit Foh wantan Noodle will be remain open but no "dine in", only do the take away and delivery service (FoodPanda,GalaEats and etc) from 18/3-14/4 according to the announcement made by Prime Minister to contain the spread of Covid-19. All of us are shoulder social responsibility by joining the government in its effort to contain the spread of Covid-19. Let's help to lower the level of fear and combat the pandemic together. Stay safe! Thank you.

益和云吞面将会继续营业,但是不会提供“堂吃” , 只会提供外带,外卖和外送服务(FoodPanda, GalaEats和其他的平台)这将在18/3-14/4 这是根据我们的首相为了遏制了Covid-19的蔓延。我们所有人都肩负着社会责任以遏制Covid-19的扩散。让我们帮忙降低共同的恐惧并与病毒作战。注意个人卫生和安全。谢谢您

Wonton Mee at Yit Foh Restaurant, Johor Bahru
The Dining For Charity crew had an incredible lunch at the famous Yit Foh Noodle House in Century Gardens, Johor Bahru, during a charity event week back in July 2016. The renowned Wonton Mee has won the hearts of many locals, with its family recipe, all ingredients are made from scratch. Mr Lee has succeeded the business and preserved its traditional cooking methods. The soft and silky wonton skins are the signature of this delicacy, with its succulent minced pork filling and handmade egg noodles cooked al dente, mixed with sauces, topped with very thinly sliced char siu (bbq pork), the chefs were very impressed!

For more information about Yit Foh Restaurant, please visit
Posted by Glamorazzi on Sunday, November 27, 2016