1. 1.只有佩戴口罩的客人能够进入。
  2. 2.测量体温
  3. 3.进入餐馆前一定要登记完整资料(MY SEJAHTERA/填写簿子)
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    • 联络电话
  1. 3.每张桌子2-4
  2. 4.请大家保持安全社交距离


Dear valued customers,

To show appreciation to our customer support, we will give free tasty snack for customer who purchases RM 30 and above. start from 16 Oct 2020- 30 Nov 2020.This is the outlet who will join this promotion.
~Restoran Yit Foh Century Garden 
~Restoran Yit Foh Taman Daya
~Restoran Yit Foh Desa Tebrau



~益和云吞面(Desa Tebrau)

Wonton Mee at Yit Foh Restaurant, Johor Bahru
The Dining For Charity crew had an incredible lunch at the famous Yit Foh Noodle House in Century Gardens, Johor Bahru, during a charity event week back in July 2016. The renowned Wonton Mee has won the hearts of many locals, with its family recipe, all ingredients are made from scratch. Mr Lee has succeeded the business and preserved its traditional cooking methods. The soft and silky wonton skins are the signature of this delicacy, with its succulent minced pork filling and handmade egg noodles cooked al dente, mixed with sauces, topped with very thinly sliced char siu (bbq pork), the chefs were very impressed!

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Posted by Glamorazzi on Sunday, November 27, 2016