Special thanks to Pyrographer Mr Raymond Koh


我们非常荣幸邀请到烙画家Mr Raymond Koh,来为益和云吞面做出这么有意义的作品。作品展现了第一代的打拼和第二代的传承。云吞面是平凡的美食,但是52年的“益和云吞面”却是不平凡的!
We are honored to invite pyrographer Mr Raymond Koh to make such a meaningful artwork for Yit Foh wantan noodle. The artwork shows the hard work of the first generation and the passion of the second generation to the business. Wantan noodles are ordinary food, but 52 year-old "Yit Foh wantan noodles" is extraordinary!


Special thank to Mr Noah Lim