New Image (Since 23/1/2015,  a kitchen was set up at the backside of the shop, not cooking in front anymore) 2015年新面貌 (档口移至店后)
Old image 旧面貌

Retoran Yit Foh 益和云吞面 was established in year 1970's at 145, Jalan Harimau, Taman Century, Johor Bahru by Mr. Lee.Yok Kiong. After few time relocation, we are have moved to 153, Jalan Harimau, Taman Century, JB and opening 24 hours now. ​ ​

The quality of noodles (wan tan mee) are maintained for the last forty year. The whole egg noodles produced are based on the traditional recipes developed by Mr. Lee, so it is more elastic and tasty than others. Our wan tan noodles are served with the wan tan soup and home-made cha siew. All the cha siew are freshly made everyday.


For expanding our business, we have set up a factory at Permas Jaya to produce more noodles. In March 2009, we have designed a logo 

for our business ​, and this is where Yit Foh NOODLES HOUSE came from. 

Since 23/1/2015, it was a big change in the shop where a kitchen was set up and we are not cooking in front anymore. It is really a brave decision made by Mr. Lee because we have been cooking in front more than 30 years. The reason of moving the cooking place is to provide a more comfortable environment for customer to enjoy our food.



Our shop become more neat and not so hot. We hope our customer satisfy with our changes.

We would like to appreciate to our loyalty customer. Your support make us keep moving forward.