Yit foh day


** Loyalty Program update:-


印花活动将于31/8/2023 截止(即过了这个日期将不会再给印章),而礼物兑换的有效日期是至13/9/2023。 非常感谢大家对益和云吞面的支持, 活动结束也可能意味新活动的开始,请大家留意益和网站以获取最新消!

再次提醒亲爱的顾客们尽早在有效日期前到有参与的分行兑换礼物。如特定礼物完了将不再补货,也不能兑换现金或同等值货物/餐点。一切规则将以益和网站例明为准。 谢谢!


** Loyalty Program update:-

Dear customers,

The stamping activity will end on 31/8/2023 (no more stamps will be given after this date), and the valid date for gift redemption is until 13/9/2023. Thank you very much for your support for Yit Foh. Please stay tune to the Yit Foh website for the latest news!

A reminder to dear customers again, please redeem gifts at participating branches as early as possible before the expiry date. Gift cannot be exchanged for cash or equivalent value goods/meals if out of stock. Finished item also will not be restock. All rules will be subjected to the Yit Foh website. Thank you!

Yit Foh has designated Wednesday as "YIT FOH DAY”

由于反应热烈,益和已经把星期三定为“益和日”,在每个星期三每RM15给一个印章,。 谢谢大家的支持。

Due to the overwhelming response, Yit Foh noodle has designated Wednesday as "YitFoh Day", 1 stamp will be given when spend RM 15 every Wednesday at Restoran Yit Foh  ! Thank you for your support。


Yit Foh Loyalty Programs is start 30 May 2021


Terms and conditions apply.* We are open daily during period PPN FASA 1.

Vacuum packaged Yit Foh Wanton mee finally launched!!

为了我们亲爱顾客,我们近期推出了真空包装云吞面。只要照着步骤烹调,就可以轻轻松松的在家吃到美味可口的云吞面。现在你们可以在益和专卖店(门市)或是去面子书找 “找吃-即食食品”购买及了解详情:
We have recently launched a vacuum packaged wonton noodles. This is for the convenience of our dear customers. Just follow the steps and you can eat delicious wonton noodles at home anytime. Now you can buy at Restoran Yit Foh as listed below or go to facebook find "zhaochi.readytocook" for ordering and delivery info:

Restoran Yit Foh Century Garden (011-20072440)
Restoran Yit Foh Desa Tebrau (019-8196813)
Restoran Yit Foh Taman Daya (016-6843288)